how w0lfpack can help your canna brand

Our Partnerships


Our brand sponsorship packages include a monthly content campaign, an instagram live interview, and helps get your product into the right 60 hands. We even run a giveaway for you if you want! We do all the work! Sponsorship packages starting at $250 monthly

Swag with Intent


Our w0lfpack product packs are designed with content creating intent. When your brand submits product to w0lfpack, we send the products to our group of online content creators to test out for you. We even include posting instructions that have your brands social media handles, hashtags, content inspiration, and more. We require 60 products monthly.

w0lfpack Live!


Brand sponsors during an event month are invited onto our show, w0lfpack Live to be interviewed by a host in the cannabis industry. This is a great opportunity to get your word out there, and receive video footage! Your product is already in the pack, so why not speak to the people who are going to review it?

The Right People and Places


Looking to get your product into the hands of micro influencers within a certain region? w0lfpack can strategically send your product out.

Be The Networking Spotlight


Looking for more content and brand awareness than just being on the show and in the product packs each month? Our Sponsorship packages include options like product placement, product usage, and more! 

Launch and Feedback Events


Is your brand coming out with a new product?  Is your brand new? Want some real time feedback from some real cannabis users, or just to connect with some micro influencers? We curate the right experience for you.