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About Us


What is the w0lfpack?

The w0lfpack is a group of people in the cannabis community who want more opportunities to connect with the right people and products for them. We design stunning small events for networking, with guests ranging from social media influencers to company owners. We compliment our events with semi monthly content packages for brands, and have a pack of product reviewers nationwide. Come find your w0lfpack with us!


How does w0lfpack network?

From networking events, our pop up w0lfpack h0tel, to Social Media Content,  We are ready to help you network in this industry.


Upcoming w0lfpack Events

2020 Pop Up Hotels in Desert Hot Springs, CA:

-March 27-29, 2020  (Book your room now!)

-June 26-28, 2020

-October 9-11, 2020

2020 Cannabis Industry Networking Events in Desert Hot Springs, CA:

-March 28, noon-4pm

-June 27, noon-4pm

-October 10, noon-4pm


2020 Product Pack Deadlines for Brands:

-January 17

-February 28

-April 10

-May 22

-July 10

-August 21

-October 2

-November 13



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w0lfpack LLC

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